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About Vera Marney

I have loved dogs from the moment I could walk according to my mum, but I have had to wait until my 30ies to have my own. Up to then, I walked and trained neighbours' and friends' dogs, so I have clocked up nearly 4 decades of dog training experience. I have also owned small animals from a young age and still have birds and chinchillas in addition to my dogs. I simply enjoy being around animals and working with them. What better job is there...  


In addition to my extensive practical experience I have a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an ABTC Registered Animal Instructor as well as a full member of the Pet Professional Guild.  I am also an approved Assistance Dog Trainer for the charity Dog A.I.D.   

Vera and Elijah, the Saluki Lurcher

I like to regularly update my skills and knowledge. I train my own dogs in competitive obedience, agility and trick training, but I also enjoy dabbling in other dog activities like gundog training and scentwork. And of course I love learning forever more with seminars, workshops, books etc. as continuous development is important to get even better at what I do to help both my own dogs and my clients' dogs!

Vera and Jesse, American Cocker Spaniel, doing heelwork
Vera and Jesse, the American Cocker Spaniel, winning at Competitive Obedience
Vera and Flash, the Saluki, doing heelwork
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