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What is our TRICK TRAINING Group and what can it offer you? 


Well, it is an exclusive private FACEBOOK GROUP where you can learn at least 18 Tricks and earn a Certificate and Rosette for each set of 6 Tricks, that's a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. 


With your Subscription of just £30, you gain lifetime access, which means you can take as much time as you and your dog need to complete the 3 Awards. 

In the Group, you can ask as many questions as you need to and Vera Marney (the owner of WTDT) will also offer regular live talks to help further. So we are keen to give you all the support you need to achieve your aim. 

You will need to submit the tricks via video. What exactly is required for each trick and for the assessment videos is specified in the TT Group. 

Trick Training is an amazing way to connect with your dog, to spend valuable 121 time, to improve your own training skills and to learn useful practical exercises (and purely fun ones too) whilst having so much fun.


All training is reward based and absolutely suitable for any breed type and age of dog. And as it is all home based, even reactive or nervous dog can participate!  

Trick Rosettes
Elijah, the Saluki Lurcher, holding fabric flowers

The Small Print

  • The £30 Subscription is a one-time fee which gives you lifetime access to the TT Group, however, it is not refundable even if you cannot or do not want to use the Group or you do not achieve any Awards. This Subscription fee covers all of your own dogs.

  • The Certificates are included in the Subscription fee, however, the rosettes are charged separately at £6 per rosette (this includes postage).

  • All Tricks are assessed via Video which can be submitted in the Group or via Private Message. 

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